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Afrix Style

Trendy Earrings

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Hoop African Earrings with Wax Print

Trendy Earrings

If you are a hoop fan then these earrings are for you! We know you have good taste. 

These stunning earrings have a sturdy hoop with African Wax Print Fabric wrapped around in a bow. These earrings are the perfect combination of edgy and cute. 

Trendy Earrings Features: 

  • Earrings carefully made in Kenya with fabric locally sourced
  • Lightweight gold hoop base
  • Bright African Wax print Fabric made into a bow 
  • Quality earring hoops, so those with sensitive earrings can wear
  • Nickel-free hoops, ensuring comfortability and dismissing any sensitivity.  
  • Available in two colours

Trendy Earrings Size Dimension: 

 Length: 7cm

Width: 7cm 

The best part about these earrings being hand made is that all are unique and fabric placement varies slightly between each pair.