About Us

Afrix style is a modern fashion brand inspired by Africa and its distinctive cultures, founded by Legan Nyabenda and Claire Nyabenda. 

We brought Afrix style to life as we saw a lack of African representations in Australia. We wanted to make modern clothing with these influences so more can enjoy the colours and styles. We are proud to have a large range of shoes, earrings and men and women’s clothing all uniquely styled, with many elements and products hand made and sourced from Tanzania. We work closely with the people there to create unique products that are stylish and suitable for the Australian people, whilst ensuring the people there are well recognised and rewarded for their work and efforts.
With Legan growing up in Africa, seeing the many bright colours people were proud to wear brought a cheerful smile to his face and he was excited to spread and share the joy and culture further. 
Not only do our products include colour and African features to your day we also ensure the quality, style and joy. So our shoes are comfortable to wear all day,  our clothes can be worn in diverse settings and our earrings can add vibrancy to your outfit.
We are proud to have brought a little bit of Africa to Australia and are looking forward to widening the uniqueness and joy further to more people. Keep an eye out, we are expanding! We have our wonderful customers to thank for this. 



Meet The Team

Legan NyabendaCo-Founder 
Legan grew up in a refugee camp in Tanzania. At age 11 he immigrated to Australia with his family, after completing his bachelor he followed his passion for owning his own business. With a strong interest in sales and business opportunities Legan combined this passion and the love for the culture he grew up with in Tanzania to form Afrix. Legan is the prime motivator behind the Afrix Brand.


Claire Nyabenda,  Co-Founder                                                                            Claire is the co-founder who helped established Afrix. She has a background in HR, events and customer service practicing this daily at Afrix. Being apart of a small team, her role can be seen to extend to tasks involving social marketing, web design, fashion design and sales. Please go to Claire with any questions she is always happy to help.