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Afrix Style

Beaded Earrings White - Afrix Style

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White Looped Earrings

Circle Loop Earrings

Elegant white earrings are the perfect touch to your daily outfits. The sleek white is not overwhelming but perfect for those who like something a little more subtle. The circular shape is a cute touch thesis beaded earrings 

Details of Circle Loop Earrings

  • Hand-beaded in Tanzania taking 3 - 4 hours per set while ensuring outstanding quality is attained.
  • High-Quality hooks are used for all earrings to ensure they are suitable for your ears.
  • Perfect size balance, they are eye-catching but not overwhelming.

Dimensions of Earrings: 

  • length: 5cm 
  • Width: 5cm

As they are hand beaded, bead placement may vary