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Afrix Style

Blue African sandals

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Blue African Sandals For Women

Blue African Sandals 

Stunning beadwork is displayed on these sandals. A beautiful mix of white, blue and black raised beads come together for this masterpiece. Be quick to buy as these sandals only come in one size and one colour. 

Details of Blue African Sandals:

  • The leather base ensures sandals will be breathable
  • The rubber sole provides comfort for your feet, molding to your foot
  • nonslip sandals allow you to wear them in all weather types. 
  • Tie up lace making sure they are secure
  • hand-beading takes 5+ hours for a quality finish

Low Maintenance Sandals: Use a wet cloth to wipe them clean. To protect sandals' sole to avoid water soaking.

As they are handmade, bead placement may vary.