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Afrix Style

African Beaded Earrings - Circle Earrings

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African Beaded Circle Earrings

Circle African Earrings

If you are after a subtle beaded earring then these ones are perfect.

The main black and blue beads give them a relaxed vibe with small colour pops in the center of the earrings. There are endless amounts of outfits that would suit these styles.

Features of Black African earrings:

  •  High-quality beading completed in Kenya
  • Beautiful bright beads
  • Quality earring hoops, so those with sensitive earrings can wear
  • Available in two colours
  • Choose between black or navy beads as the main colour 

African Earrings Size Dimension: 

  • Length: 6cm

  • Width: 6cm 

    As these earrings are hand beaded, beading placement may vary.