Let's Get to Know The Team - Legan

Let's Get to Know The Team - Legan

We want you to know the people behind Afrix Style and their inspiration for their modern African fashion brand, so we interviewed Legan to find out more.

Legan was the idea and brains behind the start of Afrix and is keen to share more about himself.

Let’s keep it light to start - what are some of Legan's favourite things?

  • So, one of the easiest questions out there – what is your favourite colour. This particular question Legan was stuck on and actually gave the longest answer to HAHA. He went from yellow to orange, to blue, to green and settled on Brown. I guess you can say he loves colour – which lets us know he is in the right business with all those colourful African beaded shoes ;)
  • Legan was proud to tell us he comes from a family that has 10 children where he is nearly the youngest at number 9. He was equally as proud to say he is married.


Let’s find more about Legan – I spoke more to Legan about where he is from and what he has done:

  • Was born in Burundi
  • Came to Australia in 2008 as a Refugee
  • Now lives in Brisbane

Surprising and one awesomely cool fact Legan told me is that he speaks three languages fluently: Kirundi, Swahili and English. – HOW COOL 

  • Went to university and studied Aviation but really has a passion for Sales and building Afrix Style. He told me he really wants to see Kenya’s and Tanzanians beautiful hand-beaded items and African fabric products easily available in Australia. - Loving the diversity in his passions.

Lets discuss more Afrix Style, the motives behind it and where he sees it in the future. \

  • The most exciting part of this topic is that Legan explained that he does not have a particular role at Afrix instead ….. does a little bit of everything! “We are in a learning and growing phase – still finding the right African fabrics and striving for the best quality in our handmade shoes, we are finding the customers who relate to our products and testing and finding what works us. So, I don’t have a particular role instead I have my part in marketing, sales, production, website building, arranging suppliers and anything that needs to be done.”
  • Working towards goals is key in Legans eyes – you can predict where your company will be in the next 5 years. – Now we just need some insight to Afrix Goals so we can see how big the will blow up and sneak peeks of what's to come ;)
  • OF COURSE, we had to ask what Legan's favourite product is and we will link you right to it here. Legan had the idea for this shirt with these particular high-quality fabrics – which makes the shirt pop but it still has that perfect simpleness to it, Legan explained.

The best part of the interview Legans advice:

  • “JUST KEEP GOING, Just KEEP GOING – Don’t STOP! Learn as much as you can, put in as much time as possible. Thank you to all those you support us, we appreciate you all and you really help us to grow and succeed further. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

And that brings us to the end of getting to know Legan. See below Legan and his modelling career with Afrix – As he said, he doesn’t have a role but plays many parts ;)


Legan in his Men's African Print shirt.


Find this shirt here

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