How to wear Colour

How to wear Colour


I’m in love with your African shoes! BUT…  BLACK ….. Black is all I ever wear.” Such a common statement we often hear. We get it - black is a colour that helps blend in and feel confident. But, what if I told you that wearing colours can also boost your confidence, happiness and complaints you receive in the day -  leaving you with the biggest smile at the end of the day. 


Take the journey with me below, where we explore the wonders of colour and how to wear your Afrix products in your everyday life. 


Research tells us that colours such as pink and red release dopamine which improves your mood and increases your attention span. Whereas colours such as blues and greens have the ability to make you feel calm. So let’s bring some calmness and increased mood into your week with our Afrix tips! 


Tip Number One: Add a small amount of colour


            Pick one small element of colour to be the feature of your outfit and make your day pop. For a small amount of colour I would suggest our teardrop earrings in any colour. Wear your beaded earrings with your favourite black dress or mix and match them with jeans and blacks & whites. This will keep you confident in your normal colours while gaining that extra colour. 


Tip two: fit the situation


            To make you feel confident, wear items that suit the scenario. Sure, wearing your beaded sandals to a corporate meeting may add colour to your day however, you may feel a little out of place in sandals. Wear your leather shoes to the right occasion. a few of our favourites are out to dinner, a wedding or a walk in the park. All perfect scenarios to move against the normal grain and try out some cheerful colour. 


Tip 3: BE BOLD 


            This step may be easier said than done, but once you do so you will feel more confident and you will surely reap the rewards. Just take a chance and delve in head to toe in colour. Our most iconic way to do so is by choosing matching sandals, Afrix earrings and African fabric inspired shirts matched with jeans and jacket. For someone who might not be used to wearing colour, give it a go and feel the confidence increase, a gain in happiness and more flexibility when it comes to your fashion choices. Soon you won't be able to leave the house unless covered in colour.


So remember there are benefits to wearing colour, so rock your Afrix earrings and sandals and start off with smallest touches!

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