Leather Sandals for Women: How to care for them

Leather Sandals for Women: How to care for them

So you got your new favourite pair of leather sandals, wore them to the beach, took a day trip to the city and brought them on your camping trip and then ….. stood in a muddy puddle! What now? How do you clean your leather sandals? 

Read more to find our quick and easy tips on cleaning your leather sandals

So, how do you clean your new favourite pair of leather sandals; more precisely your afrix sandals ;) 

Step 1: Wipe Clean

When cleaning your sandals it is recommended not to submerge your shoes in the water. Leather has natural oils in it and when they are soaked, the water and oils combine together. When the leather sandals dry they can become brittle. We recommend cleaning afrix sandals with a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt in a circular motion. 

Step 2: Use soap

If the damp cloth isn't quite doing the trick, you can try further cleaning by using a natural soap-free or chemicals or a leather conditioner. Again, use a circular motion to clean the sandals removing the dirt. Use a separate clean damp cloth to remove the soapy residue. The soap will remove any dirt which you do not see and add more life to the leather. Allow your sandals to dry naturally in the sun before wearing them again. 

On a side note, some leather shoes can benefit from a leather preservative treatment. This can be applied to your shoes before you wear them which will prevent stains and make them water-resistant. This is a good step to help your shoes last longer, however, the Afrix team have not found it to be a necessary element to the afrix sandal shoe care. Afrix sandals have been made sturdy to withstand different elements and to last for many years of wear and it isn’t a necessity to do a leather treatment. 

Don’t freight going on your next adventure in your Afrix sandals, follow these steps to clean your shoes and your sandals will provide you with many years wear and colour ;) 

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