African Fashion History

African Fashion History

African dress tells varied historical stories about tribal locations and their cultures. In Mali, the men dress according to their social status. These styles are known as "tibli" or "Ghana boy."  There is intricate hand-made embroidery denoting family history and identities. Their well-crafted garments of variation in colour and design. Runway designers have used their dress as a global fashion statement.


Another famous African fashion had its beginnings in political statements in the United States. The "dashiki" shirts came from the west coast of Africa. The spelling of this garment is "dan chiki." It was a pullover garment worn by men under their robes. Its U.S. symbolic meaning represented African descendants who were kidnapped and shipped to North America in chains.

The dashiki took over American and international fashion with the young populace and musicians wearing them daily in all aspects of the lives. The global fashionable garment industry represents the history of a culture. It also represents their heritage and global fashion networks that provides a base for portraying other unique cultures. Join us in celebrating global life and Afrix beauty.

Our fashionable store provides the best in Australian/Afrix brand clothing, accessories, and more. We draw our inspiration and clothing from our long-distance African neighbours of Tanzania and Kenya. In Kenya, the Bantu tribes make up most of its population. Their beautiful garments have a British, Indian, and Middle Eastern influence.

Like Kenya, Tanzania also features many cultural influences. Tanzania also has influences from Germany, Britain, and Middle Eastern cultures. Our Afrix clothing features our passion for fashion as we bring designs that are appealing to our modern-day customers of all ages.

Our Afrix fabrics represent our love for quality textiles, culture, and global adventure. Our offerings feature a new type of traditional artisan African custom-made products. We strive to bring a level of African awareness and appreciation to the western world. We want to grow, and we hope that you continue to follow our journey through social media and continue to enjoy what we have to offer.

Browse through our colourful, bright, and mind-blowing clothing for everyone in the family. You will be introduced to traditional cotton cloths known as "kanga" and "kitenge." These are clothing worn by the people of Tanzania and Kenya, respectfully.

Kangas is locally produced in Tanzania and Kenya. Anywhere you go in East Africa you will find these colourful garments. Skilled tailors throughout Tanzania and Kenya design and create our fashionable clothing and accessories.

One of the most well-known tribes in Kenya is the Masai people. Culturally, women wear a Masaiare dress. It consists of bright red kanga and brilliantly colourful decorations. Masai men are popularly known for wearing a red-checked Shuka (blanket).

In Tanzania, it is the Swahili women who wear kanga. This too is a brightly coluorful rectangular patterned cloth made from pure cotton. Oftentimes, the women will cut a large kanga cloth in half to make a skirt, a shoulder wrap, or a head wrapping.

The kanga and kitenge design trends have taken hold throughout the continents of Europe and now we introduce Australia to these traditional clothing pieces. One of our core values is customer service. Feel free to contact us to inquire about the customized products or designs you are looking for. We are here to please you.

Don't pass up our traditional beaded shoes. They are a fashion statement throughout Kenya and now in Australia. These sandals are made from natural materials. The shoes feature beautiful and unique hand-stitched beaded designs. They are comfortable and fashionable to wear all day to varied types of events.

The soles are made from durable rubber sole material that wears well in Australia's sun just like the blazing sun in Africa. These amazing sandals are made by artisans with skills that have been passed down through generations.

Australia is a multi-national country made up of many different cultures. When it comes to fashion in the Land Down Under, Australia has fast become a leading country for designers and brands that are featured in our shops and around the globe.

We are your modern African fashion brand that provides quality clothing items to Australia. We have introduced Afrix-style to life as we saw a lack of African representations in Australia. For this reason, we wanted to make modern clothing with African influences so more people can enjoy the colours and styles of our global partner.

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